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I have been playing classical guitar for 30 years. I like to experiment with different kinds of strings for my guitar and have tried about 70 different kinds of strings. I also use many guitar supports and accessories and review them as well. I also collect the latest information on classical guitars, useful information, and sale information that is not readily available in the world and introduce it in the form of a blog. Updates are also available on Twitter (@carlazarashi).


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Amazon’s Amazon Music Unlimited, Music HD has a lot of classical guitar music and I highly recommend it, including all the Naxos, the soundtrack to the end of the matinee, Ami Inoi’s MEDUSA, Tomomi Kono’s Aranjuez Concerto, Shin-ichi Fukuda and Kiyoshi Shoumura’s There is also the latest music such as DUO&DUO2 by Shin-ichi Fukuda and Kiyoshi Shoumura.

Figaro, the domestic guitar strings

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