Guitar is No. 1 on the list of instruments that would make you popular if you could play it – 2022 survey


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In the guitar boom of old days, we heard that people were popular if they could play the guitar, and even today, the guitar seems to have an image of being popular. In Shimamura Gakki’s 2022 survey, the guitar was chosen as the No. 1 popular instrument.

The guitar, which ranked as the most popular instrument with 34.3%.

The survey was conducted by Shimamura Gakki between February 2 and 4, 2022 among part-time and full-time employees who are familiar with musical instruments and players, and received 248 responses.

According to the report, the guitar was chosen as the most popular instrument with 34.3 percent of the votes.

In second place is the piano and third place is the saxophone, with 23.8%/9.3% of the vote respectively, so it can be said that the guitar has by far the most popular image.

It’s gorgeous, can move around, and can be used for various performances.

Some of the reasons why guitars seem to be popular are that they are glamorous and can move around and perform in various ways, and that if you can play the guitar, you feel a gap compared to other instruments.

…I feel like an acoustic or electric guitar, not a classical guitar at this point.

It says the piano is cool and intelligent, so he’s popular.

I’m not sure how many people are actually popular.

The instruments has an image of being popular, but when asked if many people are actually popular with it, 54.8% said yes, slightly more than the number of people who think it is popular.

I guess you could say that just because you can play an instrument doesn’t mean you’re popular.

Many people say they’re glad they can play an instrument

However, many people seem to think that it was good to be able to play an instrument.

94.4% said they had a good experience.

Reasons cited include connections with people, such as making friends, and points of accomplishment and life fulfillment.

The days when classical guitar was popular are long gone

In the days of the guitar boom, classical guitars were popular if you could play them, and if you had one, you were popular just for having one.

Unfortunately, I didn’t play guitar in that era, and I don’t feel that I was popular because I could play guitar.

You may have the image of being popular, but I feel that if you play guitar for the purpose of being popular, you are likely to end up disappointed.

But as the survey showed, being able to play the guitar can certainly give you a different sense of fulfillment.

I think it’s recommended as a long and enjoyable experience and I wish more people would pick it up.

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