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Guitar case

I bought the BAM Case, one of the most stylish guitar cases. I will review it

A decade ago, classical guitar cases were all wooden and rugged in design. Today there is a wide range of options, some ...
Guitar case

Which one is better, the BAM Case or the Superlight Case? A guitarist who has used both cases compares them

There are two main types of cases for classical guitars: the hard cases and the semi-hard cases. The most popular of the...
Guitar Supplies

Can Apple Watch and other smartwatches help you play guitar and other instruments?

Smartwatches were said to be the next big thing after smartphones, but they haven't become as popular as expected. Howev...
Body Care

Introduction of various classical guitar supports! Actual use ratings, reviews, and features are also explained.

An essential part of classical guitar playing is the footrest and other supports of guitars. While there is no definitiv...
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