Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

What would guitars and violins made from 5,000-year-ago wood sound like?

Older woods are prized when making guitars and other musical instruments. But they are usually at most a century or such...
Musical Instruments

Guess what the most expensive classical guitars ever sold? I will introduce you to the most valuable instruments

Classical guitars are generally less expensive than violins. However, some guitars have fetched very high prices. Here a...
Instruments in use

Hermann Hauser III Llobet Model

I have been playing my Sakurai Masaki Maestro-RF (Raised Fingerboard Model) every day for about 5 years since I bought i...
Musical Instruments

About the types and characteristics of guitar finishes (differences between shellac, lacquer, cashew, polyurethane, and oil finishes)

The final step in building a guitar is coating. There are many different methods of finishes, each with its own advantag...
Musical Instruments

Modern technology for classical guitars: various structures such as double tops and raised fingerboards are explained

It is said that Torres created the basic structure of today's classical guitar. It is true that the basic structure is b...

Classical guitar string height: does it affects the tone? Advantages/disadvantages, how to measure, and how to adjust

One of the easiest places to make adjustments in a classical guitar is the string height. Generally speaking, the lower ...
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