Evaluation for classical guitar strings: HANNABACH 600MT (Hannabach 600 SILVER-PLATED Medium Tension)

String Evaluation

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This is the second string I’ve mentioned about HANNABACH’s reasonably priced strings. It is the “HANNABACH 600 SILVER-PLATED” MT, which is one step more expensive than the “500 STUDENT CLASSIC GUITAR STRINGS” MT that I mentioned last time. These two strings are similar in concept, but are there any major differences? I would like to review about it.

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Bass strings with anti-corrosion coating

First of all, the major difference in specifications from the 500 series is that the bass strings are coated with an anti-corrosion coating. Bass strings of a classical guitar rust easily, and the rust deteriorates the sound. The coating is an effective way of preventing this. As you can see in the following article, many of the strings that tout their longevity have an anti-corrosion coating:

The HANNABACH 600 series, which is reasonably priced but coated, can be expected to last a long time.

On the other hand, compared to the HANNABACH’s standard “815 Silver Special”, the prices are as follows:

Product namePrice
5001,000 yen
6001,700 yen
815 Silver Special2,700 yen

In terms of price, I would say that this “600 SILVER-PLATED” fills the gap between the 815 Silver Special and the 500 series.

Identification marks on the 2nd and 5th strings

Now let’s open the package.


The packaging is a lot pop compared to previous HANNABACH packaging. When I think of HANNABACH, I have a more stately image of Germany.

By the way, the HANNABACH logo or the circular part of “MADE IN GERMANY” may look three-dimensional. But it is actually just a print. Well, it’s an inexpensive string, that’s how it is.

The back of the HANNABACH 600 MT package

The back of the package lists the characteristics and tension of this string. It says, “We keep the price down by using new materials and simplifying the packaging“. The 500 series did not say that it uses a new material, so the sound may be different.

Inside of the HANNABACH 600 MT package

Inside are the strings in an airtight package. They look like normal silver-plated wound strings and nylon strings. All 6 strings in one package to keep costs down.

Marking to identify HANNABACH 600 strings

Some people might think, “Well, how can I tell which string is which?” However, the 2nd and 5th strings actually have marks to distinguish them. As you can see in the photo above, the 2nd string has one end painted black, and the 5th string has a loose winding on its end.

The 500MT I reviewed last time uses the same method of distinguishing the 2nd string. But the method of identifying the bass strings is different. I think, “It would be nice if all brands used the same identification method”, how do you think? From my amateur point of view, the 500 series method seems to cost more…

By the way, the 600MT, like the 500MT, does not sell individual strings. This is also to keep costs down.

A lively and intelligible sound, different from the 500 series

Now, here are my impressions of the actual sound of the “600 SILVER-PLATED”.

I had thought, “Does it sound like the 500MT?”. But I was betrayed in a good way. I had the impression that the 500MT had a gentle and thick sound, but the 600MT has a lively sound. Is this the effect of using a new material for the 600MT bass strings?

The sound may still change as I continue to play it, but it has an energetic sound that’s not typical of HANNABACH.

I feel that the 600MT probably has a better, more understandable sound and is more universally accepted. If it had a long life, it would be a very good string.

Has an unexpectedly long life, and is highly recommended

I used “600 SILVER-PLATED” for 3-4 weeks. It was a good string with an unexpectedly long life.

Thanks to the anti-corrosion coating on the bass strings, they don’t rust at all. And the core of the sound stays strong.

Rather, I feel that these strings are too energetic for the first week or so. From then on, they will start to show their full potential.

The only thing that bothers me is that the 1st string sounds squeaky compared to the 2nd and 3rd strings. It would be nice if the balance here could be a little better.

Nevertheless, the strings were good for the price.

Cost effective strings

My impression so far is that the “600 Silver-Plated” is a string with high cost performance.

Even though it’s inexpensive, the bass strings are properly coated to prevent rust. And the sound is energetic, nice and easy to understand. I think there are “Pro-Arte” and “Augustine” strings in the same price range, but I think this “600 Silver-Plated” is as good as them.

If you have never tried HANNABACH strings, or if you have tried them but didn’t like them, I would recommend this “600 Silver-Plated”.

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