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Savares Cantiga Premium and Cantiga 6 strings (normal and high tension) String Evaluation

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The number of strings that I have evaluated on this site has reached 70. You can find all of them here. You can also find trivia about string manufacturers, how to choose strings, and how to change strings. We hope you find it useful.

For those who want to know what strings are recommended

I’ve used about 70 different kinds of classical guitar strings, and I can honestly say that I recommend these strings. Please have a look.

For those who want to know the characteristics of strings roughly.

We have compiled a list of recommended strings for different purposes and uses. Please see here.

For more information on current string trends, see here:

I want to know what strings professional guitarists are using.

I researched the strings used by famous guitarists as far as I could get them:

I want to know what strings are selling well.

I researched the ranking of classical guitar strings sold in various stores.

List of strings produced by each string manufacturer

The following is a list of strings produced by each string manufacturer:

Strings Manufacturer
Articles of "Strings Manufacturer".

How to change strings and tips

This video shows you how to change strings:

How long do strings last and when should they be replaced?

The life of a string becomes shorter and shorter if it is left stretched. See the following article for more information on when to replace them.

The following article also provides detailed information on how to extend the life of the product.

Changing strings before the show

It explains the best time to change strings before a concert, recital or performance.

The following article will also show you how to stabilize the pitch of the strings as quickly as possible.


Figaro is the only Japanese manufacturer of classical guitar strings.

We are dedicated to producing quality strings. Recommended.


In the past, Savarez was considered to be the third best after Augustine and Pro Arte, but now he is the third best. You could say he is the most popular. The Cantiga series of bass strings are especially popular among professionals. The Cantiga series of bass strings are especially popular among professionals.

Please refer to this article for the correspondence between model numbers and product names.


These bass strings are characterized by their supple feel. It is an excellent bass string that is well balanced and easy to change the sound.

Cantiga Premium

These strings are relatively new, and are claimed to have a longer life than the regular cantigas.


D’Addario Pro Arte

D’Addario’s Pro Arte strings are known for their stable quality. However, they are also introducing new strings such as carbon strings.

For the correspondence between model numbers and product names, please click here.

Information about the new strings:

The following are my thoughts on the article.


This is Hannabach, an old-fashioned string manufacturer with 150 years of history.

Please refer to the following articles for model numbers and product summaries

The following is a review of each product.


It is the originator of the well-known nylon string.

Click here for product summary:

Review here:

Recently, we finally released fluorocarbon strings.

Here’s my impressions after I put it up.


It’s not very popular in Japan, but it’s actually a very long-established string manufacturer.

I tried it because it seems to have recently started to be officially handled in Japan.

The following is a summary of the string lineup we have released.

The following is a review of each string.