Sharp releases TEKIjuN to keep enclosed spaces at target humidity – tweets guitarists to expect it

Image of Sharp's TEKIjuN Maintenance

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One of the most important aspects of guitar management is maintaining humidity. Humidity that is too low or too high can be detrimental to your instrument. Sharp has announced a new humidity regulator, TEKIjuN, and tweeted that guitarists should expect it.

Humidity regulator that can be adjusted to target humidity

The unique feature of TEKIjuN is that it is the first solid product in the world that can maintain an enclosed space at the target humidity level.

The target humidity can be changed according to the application, for example, 40%-50% for musical instruments such as guitars and cameras, and 80%-90% for vegetables and fruits.

The result of the experiment by Sharp is also published, and it seems that the target humidity is firmly maintained when TEKIjuN is used, while the humidity of the outside air changes greatly.

Products for musical instruments may appear, and Sharp is calling out to guitarists on Twitter

There are two forms of TEKIjuN.

  • Bead shape: good humidity control, easy to put in small space
  • Sheet type: Excellent moisture absorption and desorption speed, light and thin

Of these,the bead shape is said to be suitable for musical instrument cases, and Sharp uses a picture of a guitar case to show that it is also suitable for guitars.

Furthermore, Sharp has called out to violinists and guitarists on Twitter as follows, and we can expect to see more products for instruments.

Concerns are its price and duration

TEKIjuN can be expected by the fact that it is widely appealed for musical instruments, but how about the price and duration?

As this is a new product, I am wondering how much difference there is in terms of price compared to existing products that use silica gel and other materials.

It is also important to know how long the effect lasts when placed in the instrument case. In the case of silica gel, during the humid summer months, it is necessary to frequently desiccate the product with a microwave oven or similar device, and it would be appreciated if this hassle could be eliminated.

I also use Dr Dry with B type silica gel in my instrument case, which also keeps the humidity in the case constant.

Sharp says about TEKIjuN that it is “the world’s first solid product that can keep a sealed space at the target humidity,” as mentioned above, but it is also available in B-type silica gel, so I’m wondering what the difference is.

Either way, more options is a good thing. I’m hoping to see it on the market soon.

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