All kinds of Savarez classical guitar strings! Learn about their features, differences, reviews, and ratings.

New Crystal Cantiga Premium Strings

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Savarez, one of the most popular classical guitar strings, has a long history and was created in 1770. Today, the brand is used by many professionals, including the Cantiga series.

Here are the features and reviews of all the products about Savarez.

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Savarez has been in business for 250 years.

Savarez is a French manufacturer of strings for stringed instruments. Savarez is a French manufacturer of strings for stringed instruments.

It is believed that a family named Savaresse first arrived in Paris from Italy and began making round processed gut strings and other products by hand.

Savarez was born in 1770, which is a very long time ago.A well-established brand with 250 years of history It can be said that

An introduction to the features of Savarez classical guitar strings

Savarez classical guitar used to be considered “crisp”.

This was when Coram and Alliance were the main products, not so much with the recent Cantiga and New Crystal.Sound quality that can be called an all-rounder So It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a stalwart that replaces Pro-Arte. I guess.

I would like to introduce you to Savarez classical guitar strings.

Different brands for treble and bass strings.

One of the features of Savarez classical guitar strings these days is theDifferent brand names for bass and treble strings. point.

And by combining them, we have created a large lineup of products.

For example, there are three types of cantigas for the bass string: one with the treble string Alliance, one with the New Crystal, and one with a combination of the two.

Augustine and Pro-Arte do not do it this way, which is unusual among classical guitar strings.

There is a “mix extension.

There is one more feature that no other brand has.There are “mixed tensions”. Another feature that no other brand has is the

Ordinary classical guitar strings are sold in sets of tensions for the bass and treble strings, divided into “normal”, “high”, and so on.

In contrast, Savarez has a lineup called “mixed tension,” in which the bass strings are high tension and the lower strings are normal tension.

The advantage of mixed tension is that it makes the treble strings easier to play while maintaining the power of the bass strings. In general, it is the treble strings that struggle more with tension than the bass strings, but the bass strings tend to lose their power as the tension decreases.

For this reason, some professionals use rose strings with the bass string as high and the treble string as normal, and this combination is officially given by the manufacturer.

The price remains the same, so why not give it a try?

Bass string

The following three products are available for bass strings.

Model NumberProductsFeatures
50xcolumn (e.g. in newspaper)Fine, crisp sound
51xcantigaThere is also a product with a longer lifespan called Cantiga Premium, an all-rounder.
54xHT ClassicMainly set with Alliance, considered to have a long lifespan.

The most popular is the Cantiga series The most popular is the Cantiga series. Many professionals use the Cantiga series, and the Cantiga Premium in particular has a long lifespan and good cost performance.

This is one of the strings I recommend the most.

The column is a bass string that is famous for being used by Kaori Muraji. Kaori Muraji uses these as well as Augustin Imperials for her treble strings. Kaori Muraji uses this and Augustin’s Imperial for her treble strings.

Treble Strings

The three types of treble strings are as follows

AllianceWorld’s first? The world’s first carbon strings. It has a clear sound with no muffling.
New CrystalNew nylon strings. A little stiff, but easy to change the sound.

For old-time classical guitar players, there is no doubt that Alliance is the most popular string.Speaking of Savarez, Alliance In a sense, it is the first string that solves the problem of the muffled sound of the third string by using fluorocarbon material. Historical Strings In a sense, the Ariance is the first classical guitar string.

In the past, the sound was said to be harsh, but recently, with the changing times, I feel that the sound of Alliance is becoming more and more acceptable.

There are also a variety of fluorocarbon strings that don’t have a squeaky sound, and it is no exaggeration to say that carbon strings are now as common as nylon for classical guitar strings.

On the other hand, New Crystal is a string that is easy to change the sound of, and some people use it as a set with Alliance. Savarez itself sells a product called “Creation Cantiga (Premium)” with New Crystal on the first and second strings and Aliance on the third string.

Also “Evolution Cantiga Premium” set was newly released, in which the second and third strings are carbon strings.

Old-fashioned bass and treble strings in a set.

The old-fashioned Savarez product comes with a set of bass and treble strings.

Model NumberProductsFeatures
Fifty-two.(Old-fashioned Savarez strings)The old-fashioned pink label is included here.
Fifty-three.LEONIDANot released in Japan?
57xsolisteThe sound is hard, brilliant, and powerful.

Of these, the “pink label” is probably the most famous in Japan. It became popular at a time when the pitch of the treble strings of classical guitars was not as good as it is today, and polishing the strings increased their roundness and improved the poor pitch.

Nowadays, all companies are improving the pitch of nylon strings, and there may be no reason now to actively choose them.

Yamandu Costa model

As a special set, a model for Yamandu Costa is now available.

This set, named Y510MJ7, is for the Yamandu Costa, so it is designed for 7-string guitars.

The first and second strings are New Crystal, and the third string is Ariance, the same as Creation Cantiga (Premium), but the bass strings use “synthetic core” and it seems that a special core wire is used.

A professional guitarist who uses Savarez classical guitar strings.

There are many professional guitarists who use Savarez classical guitar strings.

Please see the following article for a representative list of people.

Savarez Classical Guitar Strings Review (Rating)

It is a major brand, and I have tried many Savarez strings.

I’ve done a lot of evaluations, so please refer to the links below for reviews.

When in doubt about compatibility, it’s time to choose Savarez!

In the past, it was said that if in doubt, choose Pro Arte Normal.Nowadays, when in doubt, choose Savarez I personally think it’s the best choice.

The Cantiga/Cantiga Premium in particular boasts high sound quality, and the Premium has a long life and good cost performance.

There are not many compatibility issues, and all instruments fit.

If you have never tried it, please start with Cantiga/Cantiga Premium.

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