String Rating: Savarez New Crystal Cantiga Normal Tension (510CR)

サバレス New Crystal カンティーガ String Evaluation

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Recently, I have been using Savarez Creation Cantiga, which are the strings recommended by the manufacturer, and I like them.

If you look at the website of Kono Guitar Manufacturing, there are actually two more recommended strings in addition to this one.

One of them is the Savarez New Crystal Cantiga (normal tension).

The following article summarizes the string reviews/impressions/information articles in this blog

気がつけばこのサイトで評価をおこなってきた弦の種類が70種類になりました。それらの評価すべてをこのページにまとめています。また、弦メーカーについての豆知識、選び方、張り替え方法なども紹介しています。ぜひ参考にしてください。 おすすめの弦が知...

A set of strings with all treble strings in new crystal.

This set of strings differs from the Creation Cantiga in that all treble strings are in New Crystal.

In other words, the third string is also a nylon string, not fluorocarbon.

The third string of a classical guitar is generally difficult to play, so Creation Cantiga used to use a fluorocarbon third string, the Alliance, but this set is for people who think that sound is the sound of a classical guitar, even if it is difficult to play! This set is probably intended for people who think that sound is the sound of a classical guitar!

By the way, I heard that Shin-ichi Fukuda also uses the normal New Crystal Cantiga instead of the Creation Cantiga.

The third string is thicker, and the sound is rounder.

When I put it on immediately, it sounded like the Cantiga I reviewed before, except for the third string.

弦の評価:サバレス クリエイションカンティーガ ハイテンション(510MJ)
ギターを桜井 Maestro-RFに変えてから弦をメーカー推奨のサバレスにしています。最近はもっぱらクリエイションカンティーガのハイテンションです。 以下の記事で本ブログの弦のレビュー/感想/情報記事をまとめています 3弦がアリアンス、1,...

There is a difference in tension, but I think it is basically the same system. I think that the higher tension gives a stronger overall sound. The normal one has less pressure, but more extension.

So, the third string is a problem, but after a long time, the nylon third string is still thick. The sound was also thicker than the fluorocarbon Alliance. But the sound is round for better or worse.

This is not so bad, but if you get used to fluorocarbon, you will be confused for a while.

Why does Kono Guitar Works only recommend normal strings?

The strange thing is that in the recommended strings section of Kono Guitar Manufacturing, both normal and high tension are recommended for the Creation Cantiga, but for some reason, only normal tension is recommended for the New Crystal Cantiga.

It didn’t seem like there was much of a difference when I was playing, except for the third string.

The price is cheaper, but the sound is more of a creation… I’m torn.

For me, I felt that Creation Cantiga was more suitable for Sakurai Maestro-RF.

However, as I mentioned before, the price of the New Crystal Cantigs is cheaper.

  • New Crystal Cantiga: 1,967 yen (excluding tax)
  • Creation Cantiga: 2,179 yen (excluding tax)

It’s a 200 yen difference, and the discount will make the difference even smaller, but I’m still curious. I’m not sure if you can make the most of that 200 yen difference. I’m not sure.

But since it’s a good instrument, I want to play it in the best condition possible, so I think I’ll go with the Creation Cantiga. This is not to say that the New Crystal Cantiga is bad. It’s just a matter of preference, and there’s no choice but to try it out.

Next time I would like to try the other recommended string, Augustine’s Regal Blue.

Note: The new Cantiga Premium is now available:

カンティーガに"プレミアム(Premium)"シリーズが登場 新素材を巻線に使用し長寿命
サバレス(Savarez)のカンティーガ(Cantiga)といえばプロの中でも使用率の高い低音弦です。 そんなカンティーガに新たな製品が登場しました。「カンティーガプレミアム」と名付けられたこの低音弦は巻き線をハイテク素材に変えて寿命が長く...
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