String Evaluation

String rating: Creation Cantiga Premium High Tension (510MJP)

I purchased Cantiga Premium, a new Savarez product that was released in November 2018. I will review it as soon as possi...
String Evaluation

String rating: Savarez Alliance Cantiga Premium Mixed Tension (510ARJP)

The Cantiga Premium series was recently released and has a good reputation, but the Cantiga Premium itself is only for b...
String Evaluation

Strings rating: Savarez Creation Cantiga Premium Mixed Tension 510MRJP

There are many people who have been playing classical guitar for many years who are particular about their classical gui...

The “Premium” series of Cantiga is now available. New materials are used in the winding to ensure long life.

The Savarez Cantiga is a bass string that is used by many professionals. A new product has just been introduced to the C...
String Evaluation

String Rating: Savarez New Crystal Cantiga Normal Tension (510CR)

Recently, I have been using Savarez Creation Cantiga, which are the strings recommended by the manufacturer, and I like ...

All kinds of Savarez classical guitar strings! Learn about their features, differences, reviews, and ratings.

Savarez, one of the most popular classical guitar strings, has a long history and was created in 1770. Today, the brand ...
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