Which are the best-selling classical guitar strings? Find out which strings are the most popular from each store’s best-selling ranking.

Various manufacturers produce a variety of strings for classical guitar, but which ones are the best sellers? I research...

Strings used by professional classical guitarists.

Professional classical guitarists weave a beautiful sound, but they must be using the ideal strings in addition to a goo...

Recommended Classical Guitar Strings by Purpose/Application

I have introduced many strings in this blog, and I would like to summarize the recommended strings for different purpose...
For beginners

A guitar player who has used 70 different types of strings honestly evaluates and reviews them! Which classical guitar strings do you recommend?

I've just realized that I've written more than 70 articles about classical guitar string reviews on this site. To celebr...
String Evaluation

70 different guitar string ratings, opinions and real-life reviews! How to choose, how to change strings, trivia, and more!

The number of strings that I have evaluated on this site has reached 70. You can find all of them here. You can also fin...

The characteristics of nylon, carbon, and titanium strings

There are many different materials used to make treble strings for classical guitar. This article will discuss the mater...
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