Which are the best-selling classical guitar strings? Find out which strings are the most popular from each store’s best-selling ranking.

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Various manufacturers produce a variety of strings for classical guitar, but which ones are the best sellers? I researched information from stores that publish sales rankings, and the most popular strings were revealed.

Classical Guitar Strings Top Selling Ranking Survey Results

The following table Ranking of the best-selling strings for classical guitar The survey was conducted on January 5, 2022. The survey was conducted on January 5, 2022.

In the table, we extracted only the manufacturer’s own set of strings, and excluded proprietary sets or multiple sets sold together.

For those that have review articles on this site, please see the links. For those that do not have reviews, links are provided to the string manufacturers’ introductory pages.

AmazonoptimismYahoo! Shoppingsound housemodern guitarKurosawa Musical Instruments(Reference) Strings by Mail
1st placeYamaha NS110D’Addario Pro ArteCivin CC60-NYamaha NS110SAVARES Creation Cantiga Premium D’Addario Pro Arte Augustine Regal
2nd placeD’Addario Pro ArteYamaha NS110 Yamaha NS110D’Addario Pro ArteSavares New Crystal Cantiga PremiumSAVARES Creation Cantiga Premium Hanabach Silver Special
3rd placeD’Addario Student ClassicsAugustine BlueAugustine RedAugustine RedD’Addario XT Augustine Imperial Red D’Addario Pro Arte
4th placeAugustine RedAugustine RedHanabach Silver Special YellowAugustine BlackHanabach Silver Special Black Augustine Red Savares New Crystal Column
5th placeAugustine BlackD’Addario XTYamaha Grand Concert S10Savares New Crystal CantigaD’Addario Pro Arte Augustine Black Lavella 2001
6th placeERNIE BALL Classical Guitar StringsAugustine Black SAVARES Creation Cantiga PremiumSAVARES Creation Cantiga PremiumSavares Arians Cantiga PremiumSAVARES Creation Cantiga
7th placeAugustine Regal BlueYamaha Grand Concert S10 D’Addario Pro ArtePLAYTECH Premium CGSAugustine Regal Red Hanabach Silver Special Green
8th placeD’Addario XTHanabach Silver Special BlackSAVARES Pink (520R)Augustine Regal RedAugustine Paragon Red Hanabach Silver Special Black
9th placeYamaha Grand Concert S10Savares Ariance Cantiga PremiumAugustine Imperial RedSAVARES Creation Cantiga Premium
10th placeSAVARES Creation CantigaMatsuoka Classical Guitar StringsLavella 2001Lavella 2001

As for Strings by Mail, I have included in the table the five strings that are listed as best sellers rather than ranking them.

(Postscript): The ranking of the store’s best-selling strings in 2021 was posted on the blog of the Kurosawa Musical Instruments Doctor Sound classical guitar specialty floor, and has been reprinted with permission. Note that the Pro Arte EJ45, EJ45-3D, and EJ43 are listed together as “D’Addario Pro Arte”.

The store’s website is here. They carry a wide variety of classical guitars, from beginners to professionals.

Considerations for ranking

From this ranking, we can see the following.

Yamaha NS110 is strong!

The most surprising thing to me was that the The strength of the Yamaha NS110 Yamaha NS110.

Perhaps the reason for its popularity is that

  • You can buy them for about 600 yen per set.
  • Famous Manufacturers

I guess that’s just the way it is.

I have tried the Yamaha Grand Concert strings and they are good strings.

I also saw this result and thought I should try NS110, so I reviewed it.

Augustine is also strong.

I also saw many Augustin products in the ranking. I felt the strength of a long-established manufacturer. In addition, many Augustin products were ranked in the ranking.

Augustine is the originator of nylon strings and was used by Segovia, the god of classical guitar, which is probably why it is so well known and popular.

The reason for the popularity of these strings is that they have been around for a long time and are relatively inexpensive.

However, it is a pity that the newly released Paragon is not ranked very high.

D’Addario Pro Arte is also very popular.

D’Addario’s Pro Arte is also persistently popular D’Addario.

It has long been known for its high quality, and is probably popular because of its high stability.

The new XT series is ranked here and there.

Is there a generational shift underway?

Overseas, strings with XT coating on Dynacore have been introduced, and we are waiting for them to appear in Japan.

Sabales is surprisingly low on the list.

What I didn’t expect was that The low popularity of Sabales The only thing that surprised me was the

There are many professionals who use the Cantiga series, and I also recommend it, but I wonder if the price is a bottleneck.

On the other hand, the fact that it is ranked in spite of its high price may indicate that it is popular among users who are particular about sound.

Classical guitar specialty stores and major online stores have totally different rankings.

It is interesting to note that the rankings are completely different between Hyundai Guitars and Kurosawa Musical Instruments, whose rankings were found in this survey, and online stores such as Amazon and Rakuten.

For example, Sabares, which is ranked low by major online stores, is ranked high by Modern Guitar. I have the impression that the strings ranked by Hyundai Guitars and Kurosawa Musical Instruments are generally very particular about their sound! I’m sure you’ll agree.

I guess the customer base is completely different.

Incidentally, only sets sold by manufacturers were included in the ranking this time. The number one selling modern guitar is the original set (KP set) used by Aoihime Park, and the third place is the original set (KM set) used by Kaori Muraji. This time, only sets sold by manufacturers were included in the ranking.

The contents of each are organized in the table below.

Aoihime Park’s original string set (KP set) Kaori Muraji’s original string set (KM set)
first string (of a shamisen, etc.)Augustine RegalAugustine Imperial
second string (of a shamisen, etc.)Sabares, Ariance High. Augustine Imperial
third string (of a shamisen, etc.)Sabares, Ariance High. Augustine Imperial
fourth string (of a shamisen, etc.)Augustine BlueSavares Column High
5th stringAugustine Blue Savares Column High
six-stringed instrumentAugustine Blue Savares Column High

As for the Kaori Muraji set, I used it too, and I think it is indeed a good combination.

Selecting strings from the best-selling rankings is one way to go.

In a capitalist world, ideally, bad things are naturally eliminated and only good things remain.

The top-selling strings in this survey should not be inexplicably bad, and if you are not sure about your choice of strings, choosing one of these may be a good idea.

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