String rating: Dogal Diamante Regular NR127B

Dogal Diamante Regular Tension NR127B String Evaluation

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Following the shocking blue treble strings of Maestrale, these strings are made by Dogal.

These strings, called Diamante, look normal, unlike the Maestrale.

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Nylon with carbon for treble strings, Kevlar fiber and carbon for bass strings

Diamante is characterized by the use of unusual materials for both treble and bass.

The treble strings are made of nylon with carbon. Until now, the main two choices for guitar strings were nylon or carbon, but these are combined.

I did some research and found that there is a fishing line called Carbo Nylon. This is said to be a nylon fiber coated with fluorocarbon. I don’t know if this is what Diamante’s carbon-containing nylon is, but since fluorocarbon strings also came from fishing line, maybe this is what it is?

For the bass strings, they use not only nylon but also Kevlar fiber and carbon for the core wire. Kevlar fiber is a material used in speaker cones and bulletproof vests, and is very strong.

The problem is the sound, but since it is made of a different material than the others, I think we can expect a distinctive sound.

By the way, Diamante means diamond in Italian. I wonder if it produces a shining sound.

The tension is low

Another characteristic of diamante is that it has low tension.

Of the five tensions available, the weakest, Extra Soft, has only 6.6 kg of tension on the first string.

Both are nominal values, so it is difficult to compare them, but they are quite low since Hanabach’s Super Low, which is said to have low tension, is 7.0 kg, and Pro Arte’s Light is 7.1 kg.

Even the regular tension I bought this time is 7.0kg.

If you are looking for a string with low tension, this might be a good choice.

Looks normal

Dogal Diamante Medium package inside

The inside bag is the same as the Maestrale, with the bass strings in one sealed bag. The inner bag also has a luxurious feel.

6th Strings of Maestrale and Diamante

The bass strings are thinner and more finely wound than the Maestrale. The strings themselves have a soft impression.

3rd Strings of Maestrale and Diamante

The treble strings are totally different from Maestrale (lol), and give the impression of so-called normal guitar treble strings. They are very transparent and give an impression similar to nylon strings. They are more like Augustin’s Imperials or Savarez’s New Crystals.

Guitar with Dogal's Diamante

I just finished stringing it. Wow, the regular strings feel so secure. It’s very different from Maestrale.

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Soft sounding treble and bass strings

When I finished stringing it, my impression was that it had a soft sound.

I had been using a loud Maestrale before this one, and the treble and bass strings sounded soft and gentle.

It’s not muffled by any means, but it has a strange soft sound while still sounding solid.

The third string is also attractive because it is not muffled like nylon strings, nor is it squeaky like carbon strings.

The bass strings could be a bit more loud, but I’m not sure if that will happen over time, or if I’ll have to change the tension or combine other strings.

The pitch settles quickly

I had the impression that the pitch of the Maestrale was not stable for a few days after it was attached, but the Diamante settled down after about 15 minutes of playing.

It seems to be easy to use in actual combat.

First impressions are good, how they change over time

I reviewed it at the stage of putting it up for now, and it’s a pretty good string.

The strings are suitable for the contradictory demands of those who like a soft sound but don’t want it to be muffled.

I would like to use it for a while and add a note.

I also used the extra soft tension:

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