String Evaluation

String Rating: Dogal Diamante Extra Soft NR127A

This is the third review of the Dogal Diamante. This time it's the soft tension. This is the lowest tension diamante sol...
String Evaluation

String rating: Dogal Diamante Regular NR127B

Following the shocking blue treble strings of Maestrale, these strings are made by Dogal. These strings, called Diamante...
String Evaluation

String review: Dogal Maestrale Regular NR168B

I tried an expensive strings that have recently appeared on the market. They are Dogal's Maestrale. It is said that the ...

All types of Dogal’s classical guitar strings! Learn about their features, differences, and ratings.

Here is a list of Dogal strings for classical guitar, which are relatively new to Japan. In Japan, only Diamante and Mae...
String Evaluation

String Review: Dogal Diamante Extra Soft NR127

I bought Dogal's Diamante Extra Soft Tension because I wanted to try to buy strings that are not sold in Japan using an ...

Recommended Classical Guitar Strings by Purpose/Application

I have introduced many strings in this blog, and I would like to summarize the recommended strings for different purpose...
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