Evaluation for classical guitar strings: HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE MT(Hannabach EXCLUSIVE Medium Tension)

Hanabach Exclusives String Evaluation

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This is the last review of the HANNABACH series, of which I have reviewed the 500 and 600. I tried HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE, the top of the range HANNABACH strings. This product is quite a high-end string among the classical guitar strings. Is it worth the price?

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Bass strings made with new core material

A new material is used for the bass strings of this HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE.

This has resulted in pitch stability, clear sound quality and long life.

In addition, the bass strings use a plating with a high silver content. This seems to provide a good play feel.

When it comes to strings with new materials, ProArte’s Dynacore is one of them. It also touts its longevity.

However, what I’m concerned about is that they used to say that HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE would last 3 times as long, but now I can’t find that information. I wonder if this is because it would be bad to give specific figures these days.

Also, if you look at the English version of the HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE website, it says “with a much longer shelf life”. I think “shelf life” generally means the length of time for which the strings “remain preservable”. But I think this might imply “the duration of actual use that you can play”. In fact, when I Google translate the German version of the site, it says “with significantly longer durability”, so it’s possible that it’s just a mistake when translated into English.

This HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE is an expensive string, so it would be nice if it lasted 3 times as long.

If you look at the prices of individual strings on overseas websites, the price of bass strings accounts for about 80% of the price of set strings. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that these bass strings are the essence of HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE.

Treble strings: Titanium for the 3rd string, nylon for the 1st and 2nd strings

On the other hand, for the treble strings, they use titanium for the 3rd string, where the sound tends to be blurred, and nylon for the 1st and 2nd strings, where the sound tends to be sparkling.

Another combination of treble strings made of different materials is the CREATION Cantiga by SAVAREZ. This is unusual for classical guitar strings.

In addition, HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE is said to “use strings with the most round cross-section“. And even when compared with loose strings, it is more expensive than HANNABACH’s Silver Special. No specific material is mentioned, so it may be that the strings are selected based on their roundness.

Luxurious packaging

As HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE is a high-end string, its packaging is full of luxury.


The HANNABACH logo is embossed. The box is sturdy so that the strings are not damaged during shipping.

The envelope inside looks like this, which also gives it an extremely luxurious feel. I’ve never seen anything so chic and stylish. The 4th, 5th, and 6th strings are not wrapped in an airtight package. Does that mean it’s unnecessary because they’re coated?

The envelope looks like high-quality chocolate. Below is a piece of paper describing the characteristics of strings.

It’s hard to distinguish, but as you can see, the 3rd string is a purple titanium string. It is expected to improve the sound of the 3rd string, which tends to be blurry.

It has a “pure” sound

I’ve only just put it on, so my impressions may change. But here are my first impressions.

The first thing I thought was that HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE had a very pure sound. Classical guitar strings sometimes have a bad vibration, which sounds like a noise. I think that can be fine anyway, but this HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE sound makes you think that the strings are vibrating beautifully.

This is probably because the treble strings are highly round and the bass strings are also carefully made.

It’s not a flashy sound, but I think it’s a string that allows you to enjoy the sound of the guitar.

I have high hopes for its longevity

Now that I know that its sound is great, I’m just wondering about the longevity.

I think it’s a good string to use regularly, as long as it lasts at least twice as long as regular strings, and hopefully 3 times as long.

Or, you may usually use the HANNABACH 600 and only use HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE for actual performances.

There aren’t many reviews on this string, but it’s a good string for the price.

Postscript: It certainly had a long life

I’ve been using it for about 4 weeks now. And I just think the 4th string is getting a bit worn out.

Ordinary strings wear out in about 2 weeks, so you can say that HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE has quite a long life.

Moreover, the sound is good, so I recommend HANNABACH EXCLUSIVE. The price is high, but it seems to be worth it.

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