String rating: Aquila Alchemia Normal Tension 140C

String Evaluation

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These strings are made by Aquila, which has produced a number of distinctive strings. These strings, called Alchemia, use a material derived from sugar cane for the treble strings.

Alchemia, which means alchemy in Italian

Alchemia is an Italian word meaning alchemy. This name was probably chosen because the strings are made from sugar cane, which seems to have nothing to do with nylon or fluorocarbon.

Another product that uses strings made from sugar cane is Aquila’s Sugar:

The difference is that Sugar is made from 100% cane derived ingredients, while Alchemia mixes it with Aquila’s own Nile Gut.

Actually, Alchemia was released first, but it seems that Sugar was developed in response to the popularity of the treble strings and the desire to use 100% cane derived as well.

According to Aquila’s official page, Sugar is more responsive, while Alchemia is more sustained and sings better (you can listen to it from this page, but good speakers and earphones/headphones are recommended):

Cool packaging that mixes tradition and innovation

The package looks like this. It looks simple when you look at it this way, but in reality, both the blue and gold areas are glittering. Therefore, it isa wonderful package that represents Alchemia, a mixture of tradition and innovation. Isn’t this sense unique to Italy?

On the back you can see the features of this product. By the way, Aquila is famous for changing the contents of their products with same names. Therefore, Alchemia sold before in Japan and Alchemia sold by Aquila now are different.

According to this, it has all the features of gut strings, nylon strings, and fluorocarbon strings. They also have low hygroscopicity, which means that the sound does not change with changes in humidity.

By the way, the bass is only mentioned in the last two lines, and it seems to be silver plated copper wire. I don’t know what the core wire is, but are they using the same material as the treble strings?

They don’t look much different from regular strings.

When it comes to new material strings, I’m a little concerned about the appearance. Many of the new materials have a different look, such as Aquila’s Sugar, Rubino, and Dogal’s Maestrale.

…Actually it looks normal. The treble strings are a little white, but it looks like a normal classical guitar.

The treble is so sustained

I’ve only just put them on, but Aquila is right,the sound does indeed sustain well. The sound in the high position is also very strong, and there is no muffling like with nylon strings.

It’s not squeaky like carbon strings, and it’s quite attractive.

I was worried about the squeaky sound that Sugar made, but it doesn’t bother me here. In general, I thinkthis string is more suitable for classical guitar compared to Sugar.

The bass strings are a soothing, deep sound.

Alchemia, which seems like a normal good string, will not be released in Japan?

This Alchemia made from sugar cane derived material seems like a normal good idea, not a strange one.

Unfortunately, Aquila’s distributor in Japan seems not to be motivated and they don’t release new strings very often. I think it would be a good topic of conversation, though.

I’ll add more thoughts as I play it.

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