String rating: Savarez Alliance Cantiga Premium Mixed Tension (510ARJP)

Alliance Cantiga Premium Mixed Tension (510MRJP) String Evaluation

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The Cantiga Premium series was recently released and has a good reputation, but the Cantiga Premium itself is only for bass strings, and for treble strings there is the nylon New Crystal and the carbon Alliance. So far, I have always used nylon strings for the first and second strings, but now that the premium strings are available, I decided to try the Alliance strings.

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Thin treble strings made of fluorocarbon.

The most common feature of the Alliance is that it uses fluorocarbon instead of nylon strings.

As I mentioned in a previous article, fluorocarbon has a higher surface hardness than nylon. This makes it possible to make thin, vibrating strings. This makes it possible to make thin, well vibrating strings.

It also has the property of low hygroscopicity. It is also said to be resistant to environmental changes and have a long-life span.

On the other hand, it is also said to feel more taut than nylon strings.

A glorious sound as good as Cantiga Premium

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the Cantiga Premium features a brilliant and massive sound compared to the Cantiga.

The nylon New Crystal was also a good match for the supple Cantiga. Isn’t Alliance a good choice for Cantiga Premium, too? This was my motivation for trying this set in the first place.

In fact, I tried the combination of Cantiga and Alliance before, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

弦の評価:サバレス アリアンス+カンティーガ ノーマルテンション
久しぶりに弦を交換しました。サバレスのアリアンス+カンティーガのノーマルテンションです。 河野桜井ギターの推奨弦が、昔は確か低音オーガスチン+高音プロアルテだったのが、いつの間にか低音サバレスカンティーガ+高音サバレスニュークリスタルに変わ...

When I actually put it up, I feel Cantiga Premium and Alliance are a good match.

The Alliance is characterized by its open sound, which is not muffled, and I feel that it matches the bass-heavy sound.

Also, I feel like it’s easier to produce harmonics compared to the New Crystal, I wonder why?

Strong tension on the first string, making it stand out and sound well.

Carbon strings are known for their high tension, which is also present in the Alliance. The tension of the first string is especially strong.  The following is a comparison of the tension of the normal tension:

AllianceNew Crystal

As you can see, the tension on the first string is higher on the Alliance, but the tension on the second and third strings is higher on the New Crystal, which is a nylon string. This is probably the reason why you feel the tension of the first string is stronger.

And this high tension is also reflected in the sound. The first string sounds loud! It is good that it sounds open even in the high position, but there are times when I feel a little uncomfortable because the second and third strings are not so strong. However, in general, the first string is in charge of the melody, which is a good balance, and Savarez may have intended it that way.

Is the bass string a little too taut?

The 510ARJP we tried this time is a combination of normal tension for the treble strings and high tension for the bass strings. I was told that this set was prepared because this combination is required by professionals.

After trying it, I thought a little too much tension in the bass strings. The tension is so strong that it makes my left hand tired. It feels like an Augustin Blue, or even more so.

Of course, the stronger the tension, the more solid the sound, but this requires more power. It may be hard for my weak fingers.

Cantiga Premium is also available in carbon strings

In conclusion, Cantiga Premium with carbon trebles is worth a try

Strong strings may be the best match for the powerful Cantiga Premium.

On the other hand, the bass string Cantiga Premium High Tension is a bit too much for me. I think I’ll use Cantiga Premium normal tension.

I’ve avoided carbon strings in the past, but now I’m interested in them. I think I’m going to start my carbon string journey again.

By the way, the packaging of the Cantiga Premium series is gorgeous and shiny gold (lol).

【2セット】SAVAREZ サヴァレス 510 ARJP -Mixed tension- ALLIANCE/Cantiga PREMIUM アリアンス高音弦 カンティーガ・プレミアム低音弦
【2セット】SAVAREZ サヴァレス 510 ARJP -Mixed tension- ALLIANCE / Cantiga PREMIUM アリアンス高音弦 カンティーガ・プレミアム低音弦
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